On Leek

I had the kind of weekend where you think “Right, I’ll just pop along to the allotment for a bit today, then get on with everything else I’ve got to get done”. I think I’ve spent 8-9 hours on the allotment this weekend. Worth it from an allotmenteering point of view, at least. I noticed my leeks were looking especially ‘on fleek’. I like to use youth slang occasionally to prove that I’m still ‘hip’ despite being 28. On fleek means ‘good’, I think. Like this:


Leeks on fleek

Readers who know me personally will be aware that I’ve got a bit of a manic ambition to win the local leek-growing competition (this is normal in north-east England). You get your name put up on a board in the pub, and since the 1960s, nobody with a foreign surname like mine has won. It’s my ambition to be the first. I’ll concede that I’ve had limited success with growing leeks thus far, and I might be grateful if these actually survive, let alone win competitions, but I’m trying. I’ve been earthing them up, bit by bit.

Other things that are going well include the red onions, which I’d totally been neglecting in favour of the army of sweet pea seedlings I’ve been planting around the obelisks, and celery, weirdly enough. I hadn’t expected the celery to survive the winter, but I harvested a modest amount today and the flavour’s really nice.


Red onions planted in bendy rows because I fail at planting things neatly, plus sweet peas to the left

I’ve been using the watering spikes I got ages ago, especially since it’s been really sunny here for the past couple of weeks. I might get some more, as my aubergines and tomatoes are looking threateningly wilty.I haven’t tried growing any more from seed, and I’m hoping they’ll thrive in the raised beds.

Regrettably, the butternut squashes and cucumbers I bought recently have gone to meet their maker, although they were looking unhappy before I even got them to the allotment. There weren’t any more available at Homebase, so maybe it was a bad batch to start off with. It’s a shame, but I’ll try again with other seedlings when they’re in stock again. I did buy a couple of mini cucumber seedlings today and plan to keep them in the greenhouse outside my house (making watering them easier). I was surprised at how successful my very first attempt at growing cucumbers was, and I’m anxious for it to work out this year too.


Taken while I was refilling the watering can


Celery just beyond the daffodils.

Finally, and because I fail at identifying flowers, does anyone know what the below is? I keep seeing them beside the path on the way to the allotment, and bees absolutely love them, to the extent that it felt a bit risky just taking a picture. I suspect they might be counted as weeds, but a useful one (and therefore not a weed, if my understanding of weeds is correct).




2 thoughts on “On Leek

  1. I would say your mystery plant looked like Comfrey (Symphytum spp) which is a bit of a spreader or romping monster depending on whether you want it or not but useful for compost making.

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