Breaking glass on the allotment again


I’ve been working on this allotment for a year and a half and I’m STILL unearthing broken glass everywhere. I’ve heard that the allotment used to be the site of a pig farm which burned down, smashing the glass, accounting for the huge amount of glass I’ve found. But that’s just anecdotal, on the non-literal allotment grapevine.

Never mind, I’m trying to replace all the glass with delicious food that I can eat. I’ve been concentrating on seedlings during the week, enjoying multiple lunch breaks in which I’ve tried to persuade tiny carrots, parsnips and tomatoes to appear.

I’ve been successful with carrots and parsnips, but there’s no sign of the tomatoes. Surely tomatoes are meant to be one of the easiest things to grow? Why am I failing at tomatoes?  The year before last they at least had the good manners to grow, although they produced very few actual tomatoes. I’m planning on buying some plug plants as a ‘cheat’ in a few weeks.

I managed to complete my main goal for the weekend, though, and I’ve now got all the potatoes in the ground. This was something that needed to happen this weekend. Planted Mayan Gold and International Kidney today, adding to the Anya and small quantities of Belle de Fontenay (posh). I thought I was being quite restrained with just four kinds of potatoes this year after the five last year, but writing it now, I realise it might be a bit mad. I’m happy I’m keeping on top of it, despite it being admittedly early in the season. I was so happy that I decided to make another progress picture (using advanced image editing software named ‘Windows Paint’):


I should really get a picture of what things look like when actually growing, not freshly dug over, but I suppose at that point last year I was busy with trying to gain sovereignty over the weeds. I like this time of the year and the neatness of the dug over bits, which won’t last for very long. For the moment, though, I feel like I can look on and rest for a while.


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