I was just getting into spending my weekends cheerily digging up varying amounts of my allotment (and unearthing all manner of weird things, from chicken bones to old t-shirts and a small collection of toy soldiers). I could feel muscles in my arms and everything. And it all looked so ready and pretty:


Then today, as I woke up late and rolled almost automatically towards the allotment, I was confronted with this:


I still headed off to my little allotment just to say hello and drop off some compost, but there wasn’t a huge amount to do given the amount of snow.


Still, though, the makeshift obelisks (or spiders from Mars, as I’ve named them in my head) are holding up reasonably well. I was worried the wind would blow them away, but they’ve been standing for a week now. They look a bit fragile and spindly at the moment, but once I get round to putting netting etc. on them, it’ll be better. I’ve still got four to put up because apparently the previous version of me thought that it would be wise to have EIGHT of the things. Well, I’ve got the space, and they’re useful for peas, beans and sweetpeas. Hoping to grow lettuce and radish between them, and maybe onions, as last year’s onions proved surprisingly successful and massive. I was given one metal obelisk for Christmas but I have to confess, I spent much of yesterday afternoon trying to put the thing together, and it’s now sitting half-constructed outside my house, because I got angry with it after realising I couldn’t do DIY, even the most basic kind. I’ve since worked out how to put it together, but I’m going to have to wait for a day when it’s not snowing heavily.

I’ve still managed to use my snowday wisely. Starting to think about putting mini propagators all around my house, and I actually made some kind of progress with the neglected balcony garden yesterday. I’m excited about digging potato trenches next month already. I think out of all the things I’ve grown, potatoes are still my favourite.



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