Coming out the other end

The busiest chapter of my life thus far is easing off a bit. The move was perhaps not as smooth as I’d have liked, my new place featuring a lack of heating and several other issues, but I’m settling in. Freelancing is going well so far, although admittedly it’s very early days. I’m enjoying it, actually. I love being able to focus totally on work for a few hours, and then going off to the allotment (to do another kind of work, although it doesn’t really feel like it).

I got all the potatoes planted before I left for my holiday(s). I had a lovely time – spent the Easter weekend with the family in the Midlands, and then went off to see my friends in Sweden. It was glorious. Then I went to check on the allotment. I hadn’t ever been away from it for longer than a week before. Weed-wise, my timing wasn’t great. I’ve had a couple of weeding sessions, and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. I mean, I’m not complaining (well, I am a bit, but only a bit). I knew what I was getting into, and I’m trying to divide the allotment into manageable chunks. And if I don’t manage everything- not the end of the world.  I’ve planted a lot of wildflowers lately, just to reduce the amount of weed-prone space, of which there is much:


My former colleagues were very generous and got me lots of leaving presents, some of which were plant-based. I got a blueberry plant, self-fertilising, which I’ve planted near, but not too near, what will one day be the sloe hedge (although I’m not sure if I’ll still have the allotment by the time it starts bearing sloes. Which is a shame, because sloe gin is fantastic and reminds me of my gran.


Former colleagues also got me CLOUDBERRIES. It might not look much at the moment, but give it a year and it’ll be perfect. I planted it, still in the pot for the time being, a part of the allotment I suspect may have once been a pond, long ago. It was a wonderful present for an unusual plant geek like myself, especially given that I’m also a Scandinavia geek (or geek-in-training until I learn proper Swedish).

The borage I planted a while back is starting to look like flowers might appear soon:


This is exciting. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten borage before, leaves or flowers, and I’m madly googling recipes that use either as an ingredient. My Lord Leicester peas, too, have started to appear. They’re supposed to grow up to around 6ft, which is considerably taller than me.

So it’s all very busy gardening-wise at the moment, while the rest of my life settles down slightly. I’ve also made a start on the new balcony garden, which traps a lot of sun, but this is a subject for another day.


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