Snow on Svetlana

Svetlana the allotment (for that is her name, and I don’t mind if people judge me for naming my allotment, because if I’m spending more time with her than I do with actual humans, she may as well have a name) experienced a bit of snow this morning, as did I, for I was digging on her. Very weird weather in Northumberland lately. The wind has not been very kind to my loganberry, which is now considerably more stumpy than it was before.

I spent a very pleasant Christmas and New Year down in the West Midlands, from whence I originate (sort of, but my precise genetic background isn’t the subject of this blog). It was the longest I’d spent away from the allotment and when I went round today, there was plenty to do, although I was only there for a couple of hours due to the snow and the winter cold I’m trying to shake off. My relatives got me some excellent gardening-related stuff. My grandma got me some new gardening gloves, which I’m going to try and keep fairly nice (unlike the rigger gloves I keep getting from Wilkos which I use for heavier-duty allotmenteering). My brother David got me A TUMMELBERRY:


Not much to look at now (the tummelberry, not my brother, I mean) but I have faith that it will be awesome. I’ve now got a tayberry, loganberry AND tummelberry, along with a couple of raspberry canes (with several more on order) and a thornless blackberry plant. I could read for hours about the various raspberry/blackberry hybrids. I considered getting a wineberry plant and even having a go at growing cloudberries, but I’ve had to learn to say no to myself, or at least ‘Not now’. The raspberries (and their various hybrids) will take up a lot of space, which is part of the reason I’ve chosen to grow them in the first place.

I also got an Amazon voucher from my workplace, and decided to buy the strawberry tree I’ve been obsessing about. I’m not strictly meant to plant large trees on the allotment, but this one is very pruneable and doesn’t even really look like a shrub at the moment, bless it.


It doesn’t grow strawberries, as I pointed out to various long-suffering colleagues as yet another large plant was delivered to our workplace. It grows a kind of red fruit that doesn’t appear to have a name and that isn’t very nice to eat straight off the tree, but which can be used for jams and also a kind of brandy. I know. I’ve always had a love of the obscure, and any sensible person would have just got an apple or pear tree, but I love my little strawberry tree. I think it’ll grow reasonably well, as it likes coastal regions and cool summers, so we’ll see. I might also get more conventional fruit trees, but not too many. I have to keep in mind that I might not be living in Northumberland forever, so there may come a sad day – not soon, but some day – when I have to part from this allotment. So that’s something to factor into my planning.

Here’s a view of the allotment today – nothing too much has changed.


I’m going to lift the carpeted section in a few weeks, as that’s going to be part of the raspberry patch. Because my allotment’s the size of a small county, you can’t see the herb section (to the left) or the soft fruit section (to the right). But look, I’ve been trying to form paths of some sort, which has helped a bit with keeping things manageable. I just have to remember to walk them so I don’t forget they’re paths.


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