Resurrecting the raised beds

I had a medley of tasks to choose from as I headed to the allotment today. My vague idea was to make a start on a central path – a very simple one from one end to the other, which would also serve to block off the left half of the allotment, which I’m not looking at this year because it’s too scary. I have kind of made a start – I used the spade to cut into the ground each side, and then put newspaper down, then straw. I’ve only done about a third of the path because the ground was harder in the middle than on the right-hand side of the allotment, and a path isn’t totally essential anyway. I made a new friend:


As a break from the path-digging, which I have to confess was both demoralising and pointless, I decided to test out the raised beds. Happily, these were far easier to dig. They’re not ready for growing yet, but I made pretty decent progress:


I know it’s a drop in the ocean, but I think it’s a good starting point. I’m thinking of constructing another one in the space at the front of this photo – then rearranging my allotment plan somewhat. I’d only ever planned to have 6 in total, but I’ve already got 4 on one side. Hmm. The raised beds weren’t just easy to dig – they contained an unexpected treat:


Potatoes! Not an abundance, but enough to have as a side dish this evening. I hadn’t thought that I’d be taking back food from the allotment so soon.

I also decided to create a little wildflower patch, partly because wildflowers are awesome, and partly because I have some snapdragons that are proving to not fit on the balcony garden due to an abundance of other stuff. I hit a bit of a wall there:


Yes, the patch I chose to dig was full of these horrific roots. I’m not sure what they were, exactly – possibly some very ancient parsnip, but they were an absolute pain. I cleared enough of the patch to plant two snapdragons, and marked out the rest of the patch. It took about four hours.

I’m going to do some resting now. I have Party Rings (finally vegetarian again, it’d seem) and alcoholic ginger beer, and am planning a nice long bath. I’m hoping to get to the allotment at some point over the week – working full time makes this a bit tricky, but I’d like to have a bit of a midweek dig.


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