Holiday balcony gardening

I’m merrily travelling to Sweden for two weeks tomorrow. Luckily, I have kind friends and colleagues who are ensuring that my balcony garden’s well-watered while I’m gone. Just to make sure everything is ready for them, I accidentally spent 4 hours gardening today, and am now panicking about less important stuff like ‘finally packing for my holiday’. I popped out to buy some sandwiches for the journey tomorrow, and came back with some raspberry canes (reduced from £4 to £2 at Wilkos), a loganberry plant (just £2 at Morrisons) and a parsley plant. Also the sandwiches.


This is most of the balcony garden today after my toils. Ignore my pyjamas hanging on the washing line. I had to sort out the seedlings, of which I’ve got many. I divided them into two groups: greenhouse and outside.

10346191_10100845731819062_5617309868343125609_n 10376308_10100845731794112_5411936319004465138_n

It was pretty tiring. Some of the seedlings are growing as I’d hoped, but most are a bit small because of the lack of sunlight. I think when I hopefully get the allotment, I’ll have to decide what to move over and what shall remain on the balcony. The cauliflowers are going to have to move, especially as they are unhappy and wilting at the moment, and I’m thinking the bigger aubergines could move too. I quite like the vertical tomato planter (right-hand photo, red thing to the left) so I’m tempted to keep it where it is, as well the the herb planter (hessian sack in left-hand photo) and the strawberry tower.

I’m slightly nervous about leaving the balcony garden for two whole weeks. I probably shouldn’t have gone and bought EVEN MORE PLANTS the day before I leave, but I was tempted by the loganberry plant in particular. I’ve never actually eaten said berries before, but I’m looking forward to trying them. Along with the strawberries, which I’ve loved since I was a child:


As tired as I am today after 4 hours of balcony gardening, I know it’s going to be nothing compared with the allotmenteering that I’ll (hopefully) be doing when I get back! The upshot of all this exercise means I’ll get to increase my cake consumption by 50% at least.


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